Hey Yall!


I am a California born and raised momma with seventeen years of Texas jewels in me. I am raising four beautiful girls with the hubs and I've been an entrepreneur/stay at home mom for the past four years and have enjoyed almost every bit of it! Yes I said almost because that's just keeping it real, it hasn't been all cookies and rainbows if you know what I mean. I have loved to write since my high school days and who knew it would turn into a passion of mine to help other mommas. I guess life takes us on twists and turns like that sometimes.  I come from a big family full of boys so being tough and outspoken has been apart of me since I can remember. It's pretty much in my DNA. Best part is it prepared me to be able to step out of my comfort zone and step into places and arenas that many would be intimidated to do so! If you are new to my blog I have been featured in some pretty awesome places, Focus on The Family, Devotional Diva, Katy Christian Magazine to name a few and I have also wrote and co-authored a few books!  This here is my jig yall!




God has taught me a few life lessons over the past few years and one of the biggest was using my voice to cultivate a community of mommas who could relate to my struggles and successes. I hope that my vulnerability and stories shared here will inspire you and encourage you to be a Mom On Purpose. So it's kind of a two fold blessing, you were made a mom on purpose, and you also have a purpose in allowing the momma in you to connect with your purpose here on this earth. Isn't that amazing? God is so good like that!

So enough about me, I cant wait to share and connect with you on this journey in purpose!