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Light My Fire

Apr 10, 2022

If we want something so bad most of us would say we will do anything to get it. But I dare to say that we can sometimes want something so bad that the fear of not obtaining us, leaves us fearful and crippled to even chase after it. Has this ever been you? Instead of seeing the vision of it coming to fruition, we are overshadowed by the heavyweight of defeat. This is us operating out of a scarcity mindset. We see defeat before we see victory. I want you to do me a favor. I want you to close your eyes for a second, and I want you to envision as maybe you did as a child what your life was going to look like, or how amazing and wonderful things would be when you got older or became a mom.


Take a few seconds to do this. Now I want you to now ask yourself what has prevented you from obtaining this? Is it circumstances? Health? Finances? These are usually the heavy hitters that I hear most people say. I am here to encourage you that the same amazing and wonderful vision you had still has an opportunity to be the reality of your future. You still have the ability, the courage, and the fire to pursue all that has been set before you to obtain. The promise was not that it would be easy, in fact, we were promised we would have trials, but the fact of the matter is that we were made to persevere and we were made to overcome. So I am challenging you today to not only make the decision to re-ignite your flame, I am challenging you to dream again, imagine again, and experience how these changes will positively impact your life. I can't wait to hear you share about it.

 As always blessings to you!