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Whaaaat's Next?

Oct 29, 2020

Is anyone else feeling a little anxious lately? Not only are Covid-19 numbers increasing, but the political media overwhelm has got me feeling just a bit antsy. It's like everywhere I look and everywhere I turn I am hearing someone ask, did you vote? Or I am watching a video, and a political ad runs, I mean its everywhere. So some days I am laying in bed at night wondering why does all this just feel so crazy right now? Does this sound like you? I have even thought about its so much riding on this election, what will happen on Nov 4th. What will my anxiety be like after the election? Will it be a "new" day or an even crazier day? Not to mention, many of us are still thankfully employed and homeschooling our children. I found myself just needing a break from all of the noise and spending some time alone to just reflect on things that I am grateful for. Grateful that I still have to breathe in my body. Grateful for my family and our health. Grateful for provision and employment. Grateful for a warm home and bed to sleep in at night. And it left me thinking this very question, "How do we unify again?" Let's start with unity within our homes, unity within our family and friends, in our regular routines, and in our daily life. Nothing can be more comforting in a time like this than when we have family, a community, or a tribe that we can stand together with and support each other. This is just the beginning of a long road ahead for our nation and for us as human beings across the nations. Let's choose today to make a little more time for the good things in our lives, the things that bring joy, that bring laughter, that bring wholesome human experiences. I believe it's what we all need to settle down some of the anxiety and pressures we feel going on in our world today. So I encourage you today to do just a little of that. As always I am praying for you and your families, for good health, and blessings!