The Right Connections

We can make our plans but the Lord determines our steps.

Prov 16:19 NLT

The most important relationship that we will ever have in our human existence will be our relationship with our heavenly Father. I thought about more complex ways to try and make that statement but I was reassured to just keep it simple and sometimes simple is completion. It is of the UTMOST importance for our PURPOSE. Each of us will be granted the same opportunity to seek and establish this vital relationship. If you can turn on your imaginations on for just a minute, I want you to imagine when you were a kid and may have had an imaginary friend.  We gave this friend an identity, a personality, even a voice. Well imagine a friend establishing a relationship with you. Giving you an identity, a personality, a voice, and a purpose for existence.

Soak in that for just a bit because I want you to begin to envision yourself as created for a specific existence.


Envision being in your mother’s womb, and the pieces of you being crafted together to be able to carry out this specific purpose. Along with this purpose your “friend”, is right there along for the ride. We will call this journey a “We Thing”.  You have a friend who is walking alongside of you. This friend is Jesus. The good news is that the plan and purpose has already been set in place for you to win in life! You have already been set apart, and called by name. As you begin to grow and find yourself growing closer to purpose you will begin to recognize that many more vital relationships can be established from just this one. I call them LIFE BUILDERS. They will begin as friends, turn into confidants and will contribute to the great manifestation of the ultimate purpose of your “We Thing” relationship. Our established Life Builders will encourage us, cover us, and cheer us on to the finish line. So I would like to challenge you today to take a deeper dive into all of your friendships/relationships in your life today that you value, and the reasons why you value them. And ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Are any of them one-sided? With only one person as the beneficiary?

  2. Does it involve a trustworthy and honest exchange?

  3. Divinely-Ordained? (It’s ok if you don’t know)

  4. Are you gaining and growing in wisdom?

  5. Are they keeping tally of rights and wrongs?

  6. Do they love and support your marriage? Your kids? Your vital relationships outside of their own?


When answering these questions, if you receive positive feedback and results you already have some Life Builders present in your life. If you identified some relationships that are not so positive, it may be time to re-evaluate these relationships. My desire is to see you fulfill your purpose that you were created to fulfill, it is vital that your life is surrounded by Life Builders along the way that will want to see you become your best self. What a better time than during a pandemic that experiencing and needing one another has spoken volumes to all of us across this nation.

I would love to hear your feedback on this challenge, and to discuss more of handling some of these evaluations of your relationships. I can’t wait for you to experience the true joy of Life Building and making the right connections!