5 Ways to Cope With A Transition Home

Updated: May 6

One of the most challenging decisions some families have had to make is whether it was necessary for one parent to return home to tend to the kids. There has been a drastic change in the work environment of parents whose job is essential, as well as parents who have transitioned to a work at home environment. If you are a mom transitioning home from a full-time job, you will need time to adjust to your new normal. Having experienced it firsthand myself, I found it difficult to adjust to the added role transitioning home full-time, and being overwhelmed with the responsibility of the kids. So I wanted to offer five tips to help with the transition:

1)Talk with your spouse about scheduling.

If you are the spouse transitioning home, it is important that you have a discussion with your spouse about the daily schedule for the children. If at times you may need a break, or need to go run errands, it may be helpful that your spouse knows how to step in and continue your children on the routine put in place.

Take a look at the upcoming week ahead of time.

To be best prepared for the upcoming week, preparation will be key to ensure that there are not too many things on the schedule that may add to feelings of overwhelm. This may include extracurricular activities, appointments, shopping, etc.

Try and mimic a typical school day.

Most districts are offering a schedule for their virtual learning platforms. It will be beneficial to partner along with the school and your child’s teacher, to reinforce the schedule that is being put in place so long as it can be integrated within the daily learning environment.

Incorporate play/independent study.

As a mom of four I can appreciate not being called for at least 30 min to an hour during the day to have some quiet time. If mandates allow, incorporate outdoor play at a park, create outdoor water play activities, and allow older school age kids to have some time to themselves to watch their favorite videos, or movies, etc. This will give you some time to re-group and

Give your spouse grace.

As we have all heard the saying, "teamwork makes the dreamwork”, this time couldn’t be more pivotal. The transition from a work environment, to a primary care giver environment, requires our parenting hat all day. If your spouse is transitioning, allow them time to get in a routine, hear them out and listen when they are frustrated, and offer help where they need it.

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