Face Your Fear!

I’m sure we all have something or that one thing that we are fearful of. It could have derived from a childhood experience or possibly even a traumatic experience as an adult that causes us to freeze up or throws us into a panic when confronted with this fear. As a little girl my biggest fear was dogs. It wasn’t that all dogs were scary, it was because I had an experience with a dog as a little girl where it ran and jumped on me and knocked me down. Although he was playing and didn’t intend to hurt me, it was traumatizing for me. From then on I feared all dogs, even when my parents got our own family dog, I was terrified to even go in the backyard to play. You see that experience for me stamped in my mind that dogs were hurtful and dangerous. It was the memory that my brain kept stored that would feel like a flashing red hazard light that would go off, as my heart raced every time I encountered a dog. This fear was very real. Can you relate? You see no matter what our fears are in life our mind and body has been trained to operate in two ways when we are faced with these fears. To either fight the fear (face it head on), or flight ( run away screaming.

It took me a while to recover from the trauma that came with my encounter with that dog as a little girl, but eventually I overcame this fear and I faced it head on, walking right out into my backyard as a little girl and straight to the steps of our pool. I faced it scared and all, I probably was more like terrified, haha! Nevertheless it was conquered.

Are there any fears that you have had to face head on?

You see my fear of dogs was effecting my entire life. I couldn’t get into the family pool in the backyard without getting past our dog. Geez! Talk about pressure. I want you to remember that any time you are faced with your fears whether they are ten year old fears, fear of failure, or even fear of success, that when that fear is exposed and faced head it, it doesn’t appear so big anymore. In fact all the work that you possibly could have been doing to keep that fear hidden or buried deep down created space for that fear to grow into what seemed like an immovable mountain. I want to encourage you today as you face your challenges in life today, that fear faced head one is so much more powerful than allowing fear to hide in plain sight. Don't let fear win!

2 Timothy 1:7. NLT For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline

Photocred: Eight Seventeen Photography

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