Invitation To Transform in 2021!!

Happy New Year!!!

I must admit like many of us we have felt like we barely made it through 2020. My husband said to me “It doesn’t feel like a new year.” I would have to agree the feeling was a bit different this year, the celebrations we seen or experienced a year ago were quite different. Many of us have lost loved ones, friends, have healed from Covid-19, and have experienced heartache, hearing of the families experiencing loss throughout the entire year. 2020 was hard, it was big HARD.

One thing is for sure, life must not be taken for granted. We all endured tough lessons, we made sacrifices we never thought we would have to make, we gave up human touch, which for me was very hard for me to do with the exception of those outside of our pandemic bubble. I’m a hugger :) But all and all, I am rejoicing and grateful for just the fact that, I made it! My family is well, and I we have so many more things to be grateful for.

So going in to 2021, I have asked myself what are the most important things to me? Has it totally changed? Did I have the wrong priorities in 2019 when setting goals for 2020? For the most part, most of my answers were no, however, low on my list of priorities was working less and spending more time with family. Working harder and sacrificing more, to enjoy the benefits later is at the top of most lists of entrepreneurs with families, however this year, I have decided that it should be done in a more strategic way. 2020 has taught us to cherish moments, to not claim “we are a busy family”, so that makes the overwork ok, but to have purpose in all the things that make our family’s sacrifice of time worth it. That is the vision that we have that must stay at the forefront.

In 2021, I would like to challenge you to do the same. I am co-hosting a Virtual Vision Board Party (VVBP, you know us millennials love abbreviations ..haha!) I invite you to be a part of a strategic virtual vision board planning session for 2021 that will catapult your vision for years to come. We are talking shift in mindset and vision. Email me now at: We have limited spaces.

This year will be your year!

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