Pieces To The Puzzle

I had someone share with me a few years back that he saw me in a place where he seen what were puzzle pieces of my life being put together. He wanted to make sure I was aware that it was a slow process, but that was exactly the way it was designed to be. To be honest I struggled with the idea of it being a “slow” process. We are living in an instant gratification society and many of us including me feel pressure when we are told to wait on things, goals and timelines not being met when we would like, or that we can’t immediately download what we want! I know you are screaming in agreement right now! Sometimes its tough when we realize that we have to put in the time, practice, social activity, discipline, consistency, and the list goes on to get to where we want to be. But how effective are our outcomes when we do things rushed or when we don’t think things all the way through? I am here to tell you that as a mom, and wife, that I battle with the need for instant gratification, I want seasons in my life to be rushed, I want the pieces to the puzzle that were spoken years ago to be placed in order all at one time, and quite frankly, it just doesn’t work like that. I am challenging us as mothers, wives, daughters, and friends to help each other see the best of the seasons that we are in, to see the purpose, to value the experiences, and the wisdom we need to obtain as we move toward seeing ourselves as a whole and complete MASTERPIECE. Celebrate the small wins and successes, the small milestones achieved, losses and gains, because they will become the building stones for the final outcome we desire to see.

As always. Be Blessed!


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