Quarantine Life!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

You started a new project at work, checked a few things off your to-do list, made a few important phone calls, followed up on emails, paid some bills, I mean what else could be done in a day, that pretty much was a full day right? But wait! I forgot to mention that before you started the new project at work, that you paused to make the kids breakfast and took another few minutes or more to get them settled in to their distance learning activities. Or before those important phone calls, you played referee between the kids, begging them “Be quiet while I get on this important call”. Let me stop there for just a second, isn’t it funny how we ask them that question in all seriousness hoping this will be the one time they conform to our demands?

But instead you played tag with the Mute button while the other person talked in order for them to not hear the yelling and chaos happening in the background. Or how about before sending those emails that took time to craft you had to pause because it was snack time or even lunch time (you had completely lost track of time), and again you paused before you hit that SEND button in fear of sending an incomplete email or one with grammatical errors. You also decided to multi-task so you decided to pay some bills on your phone when one of the kids grabbed your phone and ran off with it, while you died thinking of the thought they could change your payment amount. 

Ok now breathe!

This was one of those super cali fragilistic expialidocious days! (Any Mary Poppins fans...haha) It was actually the total opposite. It was lonnngggg and a bit insane! I am sure you can relate to some portion of this hectic new normal during this quarantine time. So as it is coming to an end slowly but surely, I have had to ask myself out of all the days that looked like this what was the blessing? Our kids and spouses were at home safe and healthy, or if they had to work outside the home, they made it home safely and healthy. There was food on the table everyday. We weren’t short of anything. Folks we were graced with the ability to somehow figure it all out and make it work as best we could, all while we watched our entire nation change right before our eyes from our tv screens for the past few months. The truth that I had to let settle in my heart and spirit was this, even though these were tough trials we were all faced with, we were all going through together. This is the peace that we must all let settle in us that can only be given from God himself , and for that I am grateful. Sometimes the simple blessings we often overlook are clear and evident during such a time of overwhelm and uncertainty.  So today I encourage you in the long days to remind yourself of the simple blessings that we carry with us day to day, for it is in these days that we see some of the greatest orchestrating of our lives we never thought could be possible. Be Blessed today. xoxo

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