Simplify In August

I am literally sliding in on the second to last day of what would be nationally know as "Simplify Your Life Week!"

Have you heard of those holidays, or weeks that you had no idea it was an official thing? Well the first week in August is simplify your life week. Although we are nearing the end, I want to challenge you to do this the remainder of the month, or at least try a week if you are up to it. When I think of declutter, I think of my home, my kids rooms, closets, the garage, kitchen, etc. You know cleaning out all those areas that you have let accumulate, or put off for months to sort through. Since we have recently moved it has taken me some time to get these things checked off of my list. So what an opportune time begin right before the kids head back for the new school year to simplify these areas.

I also want you to also think about doing some decluttering in other areas of your life, that exclude your living spaces. What would a simpler life look like? Decluttering some mindsets that no longer serve you well, or what about relieving some built up stress by exercising or taking a walk around the block to get fresh air. Or maybe even sharing in some time to laugh with friends and talk over wine or coffee to release some of your worries and concerns, even if it is via zoom or some other platform.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur decluttering could involve organizing your office to serve you a lot better, or realigning some of your scheduling or booking and payment systems to make your life simpler. When the quarantine first started, and the entire city was shut down with the exception of grocery stores and Lowe's, it was amazing to see the number of people visiting Lowe's to start projects, finish projects, get organized, it was like it was the new Target! (I love Target :)). They were on to something. When we have an opportunity to settle down from our busy lives, it only takes just a bit of sitting still for us to realize where we can begin to see what no longer serves us well. So as you take on these next few weeks of August consider finding ways to simplify your life. xoxo

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