Purposeful Motherhood​

As moms we find ourselves wearing many hats and carrying the torch for many people in our lives. We cater to others often excluding ourselves, all in the name of Motherhood. I want you to imagine all of the decisions and ways that you are connected with others as apart of your living on purpose. You see, many of times I would find myself asking, what have I accomplished today that would be meaningful for my life's journey? Have you ever felt that way? Often we are moving so fast in our lives with daily work schedules, kid drop offs, meetings, kids sports, the list goes on, only to feel at the end of the day that we have not accomplished anything and are still holding the same list of To Do Items we started with at the beginning of the week.

For me, this was a frustrating and daunting feeling, until I experienced a shift in my mindset and routine that I began to see results. I too myself had an exhausting list of to do’s when I would start my week. It included my normal school/daycare drop offs, laundry, cleaning house, preparing meals, running errands, practice drop offs, doctor visits, you name it. Many days felt like a blur and included the same mundane activities day in day out. In my mindset shift, I made it intentional to align with my purpose. My purpose was to "be an influencial and uplifting voice for mothers, I just didn't know what that looked like and had no clue how to put it into play but I began to write down the vision, I had to put my purpose into action. It started with beginning my day "purpose intended". This involved a very different morning routine. It also took some sacrifice to give up my typical mornings, that looked like me dragging along from task to task. So not only was it a mindset shift, it was a shift in my unfulfilling habits, my negative thought processes, and hours of unproductive time. 

If you have been blessed to bear children, motherhood is part of our God-given purpose and takes some proper alignment with who we are called to be. Everyone's journey will look different and that is just how it was intended to be. We may experience parts of our journey in motherhood that may seem to make our purpose unattainable, however I want to reassure you that it is most definitely, apart of your purposeful living. My prayer is that you have a desire to connect with your purpose into living a life that will be more fulfilling and complete. It would be my pleasure to accompany you along the journey.



“ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm

you, plans to give you hope and a future.. (Jeremiah 29:11) NLT.”